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Employee Management, HR Tools, Collaboration, Overtime Pay Controls, Reporting & Oversight features.


Bulk Text Messaging, Video Conferencing, VoIP Calling, Autodialer & Call Center features.



Dispatching, GPS recordkeeping. NEMT Billing (Non-Emergency Medical Transportation) [MAS, LOG]


Business Software Products

The Operr Group develops and markets cloud-based software to help improve business productivity and reduce operating costs for companies across a wide spectrum of industries.


Resident Management Systems

Operr Work can help alleviate the inefficiencies faced by organizations working in partnership with local governments to proccess and house incoming migrant families in transitional family programs, manage shelter residents, their belongings & more.

  • Web Based portal to manage shelter resident check-ins, etc.
  • Ticket Printer to print check-in & out tickets for residents
  • Handheld code scanner tool for scanning check-in tickets
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Operr Work is Here for You

Operr Work was designed with the business owner in mind, digitizing daily operations and allowing the management and business owners oversight over their staff. The system is complete with clock-in features, HR tools, payroll featuers and a full suite of other tools, all designed around business management.

  • Punch Clock module with HR tools for employees and management
  • CRM - Customer Relationship Management module for sales
  • Track Employees working in the field or off-site with tracking
  • Task & Management and job progress reporting for employees
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Operr Tel Hears You Clearly

Our new and improved business telephone service is providing business with high-quality, affordable business phone serivce together with our new telephone system management tools. Operr Tel will enable you more oversight over the communications activity of your business.

  • Set up hotlines & call centers with premium phone service.
  • Audit activity to ensure employees perform like they should.
  • Add Messaging and productivity tools to your office phones
  • Scale your business effortlessly & save on hardware costs
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Operr Dispatching & Billing

We provide NEMT or any paratransit business with a complete cloud-based platform to process trip bookings from various sources, dispatch vehicles, manage their fleet and bill their accounts. All these powerful features were designed with regulatory compliance in mind.

  • Dispatching platform & mobile apps with full GPS recordkeeping
  • Mobile apps for drivers to work trips and customers to book trips.
  • Compatible with most trip brokers MAS, LOG, etc.
  • NEMT Billing services available (Operr Billing service)
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Operr Work Platform

Both a productivity tool for employees and a powerful administrative tool for business owners. With overtime forecast and alert features, this platform was designed with cost-savings in mind. A range of H.R. tools such as an Employee Punch Clock and integrated payroll, plus so many other features makes this a must have tool for any size business.

  • Gives business oversight over daily operations and staff activity.
  • Manage employees, hours, sick pay, schedules & performance.
  • Track employees in the field or off-site.
  • Manage, assign & collaborate on work tasks and view progress.
  • Manage sales with CRM (Client Relationship Management).
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VRM - Election Campaign Mgmt

OperrWork’s VRM (Voter Relationship Management) helps political campaigns identify areas with high concentrations of potential target voters, collect and leverage more recent voter information and helps you promote your campaign directly to the voters with a suite of communication tools, allowing for a more strategic deployment of campaign resources.

  • Block by block voter data
  • Auto-Dial calls using recordings
  • Campaign via bulk text messaging
  • Make custom walker questionnaires
  • Live Tracking of campaign walkers
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Operr Tel Service

Your business needs a better phone system. Our services start at only $30 per month for each line. Perfect for Call Centers, Customer Service operations, Offices or Businesses or any size.

  • Utilize High Quality VoIP Calling Services
  • Add Messaging & Tools to Your Office Lines
  • Track, Record & Audit Business Call Activity
  • Leverage SMS & MMS Messaging
  • Perfect for Call Centers or Offices of any size.
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Operr Billing

Operr Service Bureau provides NEMT (Non-Emergency Medical Transportation) billing services to transportation providers in the New York City area working with trip brokers such as MAS, Logisticare (LOG) and others. We do it all, checking eligibility, sign-offs, submissions, corrections and 'look-back' billing. Transportation Bases leveraging OSB services on averge find at least 10- 20% more recoverable funds than their previous billing service.

  • Fully Licensed (LIC #05191346)
  • Look-Back Billing Scan Finds Unpaid Funds
  • Increases Fund Recovery Success
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Operr Dispatching

We created a system for transportation providers (such as NEMT and for-hire vehicle bases) to take incoming trips and then automatically dispatch those trips using Operr. It is comprised of two mobile apps (for Android and iOS) and an online web portal. The OPERR® Platform provides taxi, car service, non-emergency medical transportation or any paratransit business with a complete cloud-based platform to process trip bookings from various sources, dispatch vehicles, manage their fleet and bill their accounts. All these powerful features were designed with regulatory compliance in mind.

  • Dispatch vehicles and aggregate GPS data for billing
  • Mobile app for driver to accept trip jobs.
  • Mobile app for riders to make trip reservations.
  • Cloud-Based Dispatching Portal
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Operr Parking

OperrParking is a cloud-based parking garage/lot management system, complete with ticket printer, AI license plate reader, employee management and various parking app integrations such as Parkwhiz and SpotHero. No other software can do as much for the same price. OperrParking centralizes all operational activities and improves the speed of service of your parking garage attendants, increasing customer satisfaction. The system will provide you with powerful reports to give you a real-time view of daily business.

  • Point of Sale system interface
  • Vehicle ticketing system and printer
  • AI license plate recognition
  • Employee clock-in and management tools
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