Operr Work™ for Resident Management

At Operr Group, we understand the complex challenges faced by companies and organizations working to address the issues caused by the migrant influx and homelessness. That's why we've developed Operr Work, a comprehensive software solution designed specifically for business operations and management. Our platform tools can help enhance the efficiency of transitional family programs that aim to provide shelter or housing and various non-profit organizations or NGOs working with incoming migrant families at resident sanctuary locations.

In addition to our suite of business management, HR and employee management tools, Operr Work can also provide community development corporations or social services organizations that operate and manage migrant resident sanctuary or other other types of shelter locations, with features such as:

  • QR Code Scanner & Ticket Printer
    Enhance the check-in process of residents and ensure accurate tracking of housing assignments. Issue printed sign-in tickets on the spot using a ticket printer, providing a seamless experience for residents or migrants
  • Integrated Management
    Centralize all aspects of resident management with our intuitive data processing system, ensuring efficient service delivery and easy access to resident records.
  • Fast, Safe & Secure
    All resident records are processed and stored securely within a state of the art data center facility. Our staff makes sure services are delivered quickly at all times.
  • Real-Time Data and Reporting
    Access real-time analytics to evaluate program effectiveness, track resident progress, and produce comprehensive reports to guide decision-making and ensure compliance
  • Mobile Compatibility
    Empower your team to work efficiently in the field with our mobile-optimized platform, facilitating on-the-go information accessibility and retrieval
  • Customizable Solutions
    Adapt Operr Work to meet your organization's specific needs with our flexible platform, designed to evolve and scale as you grow. We can create custom tailored solutions specifically for your business and deploy them into the cloud.

Seamless Resident Check-In

Reduce wait times and improve accuracy at check-in with our QR code scanning and ticket printing technology, ensuring a smooth and seamless experience for residents. Our tools are designed to simplify daily operations, allowing your staff to focus more on service delivery and less on administrative tasks.

Our commitment to your mission extends beyond software. We offer comprehensive training and support to ensure your team maximizes the benefits of our platform, alongside ongoing updates to meet the evolving demands of social services.


Join a network of leading organizations that rely on Operr Work to enhance their operations and service impact. Discover how our innovative software solutions can transform your programs and help you achieve exceptional outcomes in community development and prividing fast, effective social services.

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